Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas

There are lots about a wedding day that is traditional. There’s certain milestones throughout the day, that are truly magical and ones you’ll look back on. There’s the walk down the aisle. The couple seeing each other for the first time. The kiss after becoming married, the speeches, the first dance and the cutting of the cake.

But one of the most underrated parts of the day is the entrance into the meal as a married couple. It is one of those parts of the day that most couples doesn’t give a thought to, but it is one of the most enjoyable. It’s the first time you’ll be referred to as Mr & Mrs, Mrs & Mrs Mr & Mr, or the bride and groom etc. Generally your guests all rise to their feet and cheer and clap and it’s just a truly relaxed beautiful moment.

So why not give some thought to how you’re actually going to do your entrance? From flash mobs, to balloon drops to everything in between, there are plenty of ways to really make your entrance.

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Music or Dance

Whether you have a favourite song you both love to absolutely boogie too, or you want to surprise your guests with a specially choreographed routine to knock their socks off, this sort of entrance, really defines the expression ‘making an entrance!’ If you do go for this option, then go all the way with it. Do make sure you discuss it with your other half first, as going off half-cocked freestyle can lead to disaster. Remember though, everyone who is there is a friend or family so they’ll all be cheering you on.


Balloon Drop

Why not go for something really unexpected like a balloon, rose petal or confetti drop? This still give the entrance a fun element, but takes the pressure off the couple to perform.



Quirky Ideas

Why not arrive into the venue with the bride on the groom’s back piggyback or fireman’s lift style? Or have a finish line set up and run through it? Or what about being lead in by a live singer or why not dim the light sin the room and come in with sparklers or have a light show organised?


Flash Mob

This one involves the entire bridal party so get your bridesmaids and best man in on the action. Arrive into the venue in whatever style you wish, generally to music and then usher the rest of the crowd onto the dancefloor too. Its huge fun and a great way to break the ice before the meal and speeches too.



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