Dog Friendly Wedding

For many of us, our four-legged friends are part of the family. So why wouldn’t we want to include them in our wedding day? Yes it’s becoming more and more popular to include your dog (or dogs!) in your big day! As an award-winning wedding co-ordinator, I’ve seen lots of couples go for a dog friendly wedding and with a bit of planning it can be pretty easily done.

You do need to consider a few things first. The most important is the temperament of your dog. Is he or she happy to be surrounded by crowds of people, many of whom they may not know? Are they a bit wild or giddy and likely to jump up on people’s dresses and suits and possible chew anything from furniture to shoes? Or is your dog an old timer who may not be up to all the stresses of the day? These are things you really have to consider before you decide to include your canine in the celebrations.

If you do think your dog is up for it and you’ve decided to include them, then here’s a few tips to help it all run smoothly. Of course if your dogs temperament isn’t right, then don’t worry there’s plenty of ways around it. If you’d like discuss this or any aspect of your wedding in more detail then please get in touch.


Engagement Photos
If your doggie isn’t the sort who would like to be in the centre of all the wedding day madness, but you’re still very keen to have their presence felt, then why not have some engagement photos done and include your dog? You could even use one of the photos for your save the date or official invites too.


Bridal Party Morning Time
This is probably the easiest way to include your dog in your wedding, especially if you are getting ready on the morning of the wedding at home, as your dog will probably already be there or if not, at least it’s a place where he or she will feel familiar and as such it will be easy to get some snaps with you, your bridal party and the pooch.

In The Ceremony
For most dog owners this is the dream… to have your dog run down the aisle, movie style with the wedding rings on some sort of specially commissioned cushion! In reality it’s not quite that easy. First, check with your church or ceremony venue as to whether they even allow dogs. Some will not. Second, if you do plan on getting your pooch to do this, then try and practice, even if it’s at home. Finally, if you feel they just won’t be able to run down the aisle by themselves, then why not have them lead in the bridesmaids or flower girls/Paige boys instead?


Post Ceremony Photos
Having your dog take part in the post ceremony photos is probably one of the most practical ways to include your pet in the day’s celebrations. Generally speaking, the photos will take place outside which means there won’t be any restrictions on where your dog can go.


Dog Friendly Venues
Make sure you check with you venue if it’s dog friendly. Alternative venues such as glamping style weddings or barn style weddings will of naturally have more scope to include dogs and indeed you could even encourage other guests to bring their pets along too and even have some doggy favors for them!


Things to Consider
Remember if you are having your dog be part of the actual wedding day, they will need a person to be in charge of them – a designated doggy minder if you will! This person will have to bring them for walks, make sure they have water, etc. If your dog is only joining you for the ceremony or photos part, then make sure you have a pet sitter organised to whisk the pooch away and tuck them up safely after their starring role. Also don’t forget to bring them to the groomers before the big day too!


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