Choosing the Wedding Suits

Men can sometimes be forgotten to an extent in the wedding attire process. We tend to put a lot of emphasis on finding the dress, but for the groom or indeed grooms, finding the right suit is just as important. If your husband-to-be is not really the shopping type or into his fashion as such, then it can be tempting to jump in and try push him towards a certain type of suit, but bear in mind, even if he’s not a fashionista he’ll still have his own thoughts on how he should look and feel, so take that into account.

The most important points to remember are; finding a suit that feels comfortable and fits well. After that it’s really up to personal choice and what’s going to fit in with the style of the day. The groomsmen suits should then follow easily after the groom’s suit has been chosen.

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Why You Should Buy Your Suits
The big dilemma is always do you buy or rent your suit? There’s a few things to consider. While buying your suit or suits will be more expensive, you will most likely get a better, made to measure fit and higher quality suit. If you’re planning to wear the suit again, even a couple of times, the return on investment is really worth it. If you are planning to buy your suit, then you can always rent the groomsman’s suits to cut down on the costs. Finally, consider that you can always customise your own suit much more than a rented version. And you’ll have it for all time too.


Why You Should Rent Your Suits
Renting your suit is better value and these days there are a myriad of expert suit hire companies who should have something to complement your personal taste. Keep in mind when you need to collect and leave back the suits, especially if you’re getting married further afield as you may incur extra charges if you leave it back late. Another advantage of renting is that you can make sure the groom and groomsmen’s suit match perfectly.

The Fit
The fit of your suit is the most important thing to consider. It has to be cut to suit your body shape and be as-made-to-measure as possible, buying your suit is obviously an advantage in this case, but you can still find a good fit in a rented suit too. Think about the different styles you like to wear normally, be it skinny fit or something more traditional and classic. Don’t be pressured into choosing something you’re not comfortable with.


Once you’ve chosen the fit, style is really the next consideration. Do you want something modern and slim? A three piece suit? A tuxedo, or even a full dress Ascot style morning suit? It will all depend on what you’re comfortable in and importantly on the theme of the day; is it a more laid back, rustic style wedding or is it a very formal affair? Also consider the time of year as the weather will place a role in the sort of fabric you go for.


Don’t be afraid to have fun with your choice of colours. Gone are the days of just having black as a choice. Today think blue, navy and grey which are all popular colours at the moment. For something a little more daring consider tweed or burgundy!


Finally don’t forget the little accessories that will really make your suits look stunning. Choose from ties or bowties. A cravat, or no tie at all! Consider vintage style pocket watches, braces, hankies in the top pocket, colourful socks and even hats. The only limit is your imagination!



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