Pros and Cons of a Restaurant Wedding Reception

Restaurant weddings have become increasingly popular in recent times. Ideal for smaller, more intimate wedding parties, this is also the perfect choice for foodies who want to make the most of their budget.

Look for restaurants that offer private dining spaces, flexible menus or indeed special tasting menus and somewhere that has a beautiful location to boot.

While the pros are obvious, there are of course some compromises to be made with this sort of wedding reception, however if you’re looking for something really different, then it’s well worth considering.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.



The Food

If you and your partner are major foodies, then of course, choosing a restaurant wedding is a no brainer. You can expect a superb level of food, as well as service to match. Wine choices will again be more varied and succinct with the food. Chat to your prospective restaurant about what they can offer in terms of even multiple course tasting menus and wine pairing for something really special.



While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional hotel/ballroom style of wedding reception, a restaurant reception will automatically be something a little more special and unique. Of course it’s something that will have to fit with other considerations such as numbers, but you can be guaranteed a really bespoke experience.


Small Numbers

Speaking of numbers, this is a key deciding factor for whether or not you can have a restaurant style wedding. Generally speaking you’ll have to have smaller numbers then you would for a more traditional reception, so keep this in mind when considering your choice.


Maximise budge

If you’ve got a smaller budget to play, with a restaurant wedding means you can really make the most with it and get more bang for your buck so to speak. The food will be better, the service will be excellent and you can make more of a splash for smaller numbers.





No Band/Dancing

This might be a deal breaker for a lot of couples and generally speaking you won’t be able to have a band and dancefloor as you would with a traditional hotel style wedding. That said, if your restaurant has a private dining room option, check and see if they can accommodate you in some way. However overall, you’ll need to accept that the music and dancing will be absent or very different.



There won’t be as much scope for décor as there would with a more traditional wedding reception. Of course you can still ad you own touches, but these won’t be on the same scale as they normally would.



There won’t be accommodation attached to your restaurant, generally speaking, so this may cause problems for your guests in terms of where they will stay.



Often, good restaurants tend to be located in urban areas, so if you want a country feel, this may not be the right option for you.




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