Colour is Back for Wedding Decor

Colour is back with a bang ladies and gents. While colour is not exactly a ‘new’ trend when it comes to wedding décor, this time the focus has changed. Where there was an emphasis on just primary colours and pastels in the past, this season, think all of those plus newer more unusual colour combinations you may not have considered before, such as mustards, orange, plums, deep greens and more. In addition, crucial to this season’s colour reinvention is the emphasises is on new ways to use colour as opposed to the more traditional décor accents, for example colourful chairs as opposed to chair covers, coloured plates as opposed to table clothes and so on.

For some couples the idea of introducing bight or vivid colours into their wedding day décor can be a bit daunting, but you don’t have to let these colours overwhelm the day, instead you can use a few subtle pops for a really outstanding finish. That said, if you are both total bold colour lovers, then this is the time to really have fun and inject that shared passion throughout your décor for a really personal, unforgettable look

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Floral Centrepieces and Garlands

Of course nothing says chic like tall floral centrepieces, but recently there has been a move away from overly tall versions to lower centrepieces and garlands, which can look equally stunning and are ideal for adding colour to your reception. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual specimens like cacti, herbs and leaves, as well as odd colour combinations, such as mustards, greens, purples alongside the traditional pinks, and pastels.


Delph and Glassware

If you want to break away from the normal colour accents of flowers and centrepieces, then why not think differently. For a novel way to inject that flash of colour why not opt for colourful wine glasses and plates on the tables? You can go for a bright rainbow of colours and mismatch them or go for complete colour themes for each table. It’s a look that will definitely make an impact not only on your guests, but on the overall look of your venue too.


Candles and Napkins

Something as simple as a colourful napkin can instantly transform the look of your wedding tables. It’s an ideal option if you want to keep an eye on costs or you just want to introduce a subtle dash of colour. Similarly candles themselves are a novel way to inject some warmth into the décor. All too often we go for white candles, but why not consider colourful candles in bright and vivid shades to add instant oomph to your overall look.




Instead of the traditional coloured chair covers or sashes, why not go for colourful chairs themselves or instead of covers go for colourful ribbons hanging from each chair? Again have fun with this one. You could go for random colours at each table, or stick to themes for each table – ie a blue table, a yellow table and so on, or if you’re having long tables why not go for a rainbow of shades starting at one colour on one end and subtle blending into each colour as it goes down the line? It may seem like a bit of extra effort, but the overall look will be truly unique.




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