70s Boho Wedding Theme

One of the big wedding trends this year is for a hippy, dippy, 70s inspired boho-chic vibe. It’s a theme that is huge fun to play around with and lends itself so well to wedding décor. The trend is all about that free-spirited ethos that summed up the era. Think relaxed, peace and love and you’ve got it.

If you and your partner are really into the 70s feel, then you can literally channel the vibe through every aspect of the day, from what you wear, right up to the décor, music, food and drinks.

Of course you don’t have to go all out with the trend either. Using a few subtle touches can work incredibly well.  Think macramé detailing, dreamcatchers, floral crowns, rugs, draping, crochet and feathers.

If you’d like to chat about this or any other aspect of your wedding day décor, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.


Bridal Fashion

Think floral crowns, bell sleeves, lace and ruffles and if you’re feeling like you want to make a high fashion statement then why not consider the bridal jumpsuit instead of a dress? Or just have the jumpsuit ready to change into come dance time. Don’t forget the temporary henna tattoos, block platforms, sandals and dip dyes. For the grooms, think ruffles and flares to really take the look to the max.


Macramé and Woven Accents

Macramé is the ultimate in boho-chic décor. Think hanging macramé installations holding terracotta pots with assorted florals. Use it for backdrops, chair decor and table runners too. Don’t forget crochet, woven accents and dreamcatchers featuring macramé and feathers in an assortment of colours.




Nothing says 70’s party hippie vibe like a tepee and even if you don’t have the outdoor space or weather to create one, you can still put something together indoors and have it as a sort of chill out area. It doesn’t have to be elaborate either. You could put something small together with lots of highly decorative cushions, crochet blankets and rugs to complete the look. Or if you’re having a marquee or tent wedding then this is prime for being turned into a full on 70s tepee.



VW Vans

The retro Volkswagen Camper Van truly radiates the free spirit of the 70s and would be the ideal mode of transport for the newly married couple to make their way to their venue in. It could also double as a fantastic prop for your pictures or as a bit of a chilled out hangout area for your guests? Or why not have a 70s camper van food truck to feed your guests for their midnight feast?







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